Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My favourite sim

My favourite sim is the Tableau sim. Actually I have a lot of favourites and I was thinking about which one I should write about and then I got a notices saying that tableau had re opened and decided to blog that sim instead! Tableau not only has lots and lots of really nice stores but it changes it's entire sim theme every now and then, which is a feature I really like! I found the sim aaaaages ago, I can't really remember exactly when but it was just a normal sim with just some nice stores and then a volcano errupted and then sim had to shut down for a week or so while they rebuild everything! When the sim came back up it was themed like a refugee camp with the stores being built out of old boxes and things found lying about after the volcano errupted :D I think it's such a fun idea to completely re-do the entire theme - it definitely shows that they are creative and that keeps me coming back to explore!

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