Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Exploring Africa!

Today in in class we traveled to Africa! While we were exploring the Continent, we stopped off at a wildlife enclosure to visit all the pretty (and not so pretty D:) animals that lived there. Some of the animals were HUGE and others were tiny and someone them ate leaves and grass and others were carnivores and ate meat (we were careful not to get too close to those ones), and some of them were endangered which means that there aren't many left of that type of animal anymore and if we do not look after them now, then they might disappear forever!

My favourite animal out of all of the ones we saw on our trip were the giraffes! Giraffes are one of the world's tallest mammals (mammals are warm blooded animals like humans!) They have very, very long negs and necks which help them to eat the leaves from tall trees. Giraffes have small horns on top of their heads which are used to protect the giraffe's head incase it gets into a fight.

Female giraffes can grow to be 16 feet tall and male giraffes can grow as big as 19 feet tall! They can live to be 25 years old if they live happily and healthily in the wild and are covered in lots of pretty spots that cover their entire body except for their tummy. Each giraffe's spot pattern are different like human fingerprints!

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