Wednesday, 2 March 2011

If you could design a type of ice cream...

...what would be in it & what would you call it?

Oh my sparkles! If someone was crazy enough to let me into an ice cream factory and let me choose the flavour and ingredients for a new ice cream I would have it be strawberry and vanilla ice cream as a base and then have a kiwi sorbet running though it because I think that would be so yummy and the kiwi sorbet would add a sharp kick to the strawberry! I would also have them mix up the strawberry and vanilla ice cream with cornflakes to make an interesting texture and then i would have reeces pieces scattered throughout because no ice cream is complete without chocolate and peanut butter!

I don't know what I would call it.. *thinks* Maybe something simple like "Pia's Amazing and Completely Delicious Ice Cream That Will Definitely Not Kill You. Maybe."

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