Friday, 25 February 2011

What would you do if you saw little bugs in your salad?

Oh my goodness! I think that first of all, I would scream and throw my fork on the floor before checking my mouth for any bugs hiding in there. Then I would drink lots and lots of water just incase some bugs had gotten in there to wash them outta my mouth and my teeth because I do not want to have little tiny families of buggies living in my teeth and turning them into giant huge bug cities AT ALL D:

Once I had calmed down from my freaking out episode, I would maybe go back to my table and sit down and then look at the bugs and see what they looked like and if they were cute bugs or not, like maybe a lady bug or an ant! If it was a pretty bug, then I would sit there and watch it for a little while before taking it outside to find a new home, because my lunch is not a good home!

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